July 8, 2013 – Happy Mama NEW MOON in a Healing VOID!!

Happy Mama New Moon! It is a Mama, because it is in Cancer! This NEW MOON, in Cancer (in the western equinox/solstice-based zodiac), occurs at 12:14 am, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time) in the middle of the night, pre-dawn. So we rise in a waxing new lunar cycle, breathing toward a crescent (perhaps past-life memory) opening. This is a past-life-memory-moon cycle if i’ve ever seen one!

NEW MOON in Cancer, CONJUNCTS MERCURY (currently retrograding). This aspect of MERCURY (RETRO) CONUUNCT this NEW MOON, may take us back in time, in circles, or into past connections with friends, family, dreams, or relationships that are like “family.” What kind of family? Some weird kind of soul-family, the kind we recognize, but may or may not know in this life. Or we’ve known these people for years and we all of a sudden see something this time around, that we never saw before. Every moment, even when the past is involved, is still a new moment, with new and unique energies in time–energies that we as vessels on earth get to channel creatively, in whatever way we wish, into our lives. With this “past-life new moon,” we can activate ancient gifts from within and bring them out. We can revive old poems, old letters, old hotels and even old towns, into newly mothered, freshly enlivened places.

So much happens before we wake up today! At 4:44 am, MOON CONJUNCTS MERCURY RETROGRADE and heads into the VOID. In the VOID, the MOON may dig into our unconscious, or the akashic records. The physical world sometimes seems wobbly in the VOID, its a dreamy place–the VOID.

In this VOID of pre-dawn NEW MOON magic that happened in secret, in the dark before we woke up, it sends us into a whole day of weird memory recalls, and consciousness shifting.

VENUS INCONJUNCT (150 Degrees) CHIRON activates deep inner longings by not meeting them sometimes. Pay attention to the needs that you feel deeply that are not met. This may be a need for silence, love, touch, soulfulness, connection, faith, inspiration, joy, pleasure, to cry, to share deeply . . . . we may have a deep need calling out! If we can identify these deep calls, and pay them some attention, it will give them the water they need to unfold, attract, draw forth–their existence. Its a time to FEEL DEEPLY OUR DEEPEST LONGINGS and DESIRES, why? Because it will fuel your actual creation field with your real emotion–which is powerful in this world! If you can feel it, you can see it!

May the power of this NEW MOON, anchored in the middle of the night–last night, in your dreams and secret desires, seed a whole new thread of miracle-joy-filled LIFE! Create life today with feeling! (to use these energies well!) This NEW MOON is like a vessel of life filled into a blank slate in front of you. You have two weeks to paint it into life one day at a time! May you paint your own mastery into your life, so you may live as a master.


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