June 30, 2013 – Re-Connections, Re-weaving, Re-visioning

We’ve crossed one of our Transformation Vessel crossings this early morning, as MOON SQUARED PLUTO and OPPOSED URANUS pre-dawn (pdt)!  We are being changed by some larger outside forces that we cannot see!

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 10:27 am is a home action plan-making session, or a food prep blitz, or a run around the park next door. Even though we are each in the midst of some great work, there is always time for a friendly adventure!

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE and squares the MOON in Aries, late tonight, at 11:48 pm, pdt, from Cancer. Our home life and our new beginnings both have needs and we are learning to balance between a few forces all having needs at the same time. Can we envision a higher expression for all parties involved? How do we lift our social interactions to another level of flight? Where are the deep soul roots and how might they flower? As these geometric points go by, like MOON SQUARE MERCURY, we are alchemized through MERCURY’s secret three week reweaving of our psyche in some subtle way that serves our being a part of a larger interconnected whole.

May we love the process of circling, cycling and re-connecting with old friends and family, as they circle by!