June 29, 2013 – Self Creation Awareness

MOON enters Aries this morning at 6:06 am, pdt. We’re entering the Cardinal starter cross of new beginnings, heading toward a deep contact with our vessel of transformation, made by URANUS in Aries SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn. This is a cardinal pressure cooker, it says, “it doesn’t matter if you make a bunch of mistakes and do it wrong the first few times, just get started!” In the cross-over between today and tomorrow, MOON will CONJUNCT URANUS and SQUARE PLUTO–ushering us into the Great Change from deep within.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 7:35 am, pdt offers us a leap of faith consciousness. We can stretch further than we think we can! JUPITER has just joined the transformer planets in another Cardinal sign–Cancer, where MERCURY RETROGRADES now. We walk amidst alchemical contact with creative “starter” forces, and they would like for us to “begin.”

MOON TRINE VENUS at 10:35 am, pdt is a kiss from feminine to feminine. We are singing, dancing and spiralling into new energy with every interaction! The priestesses within–our deep inner feminine that “knows,” is guiding us through the changes.

PLUTO is closest to earth at 7:01 pm and we may feel PLUTO’s call for catharsis calling us.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 9:53 pm is a shift in cycle. We transition from the releasing waning LIGHT side of the lunar cycle to the waning releasing DARK week. We now enter seven days of the deep release inward-unwind and listening energy in the whole lunar cycle.

May the transitions and infusions of this day offer us a moment of presence to the way that energies underlie our experiential third dimensional life. May we harness these changes, and infusions of divinity, with so much care, that we create genius and miracles each day.