June 27, 2013 – Top 30 Ways to be in alignment & harmony with MERCURY RETROGRADE in Cancer

Top 30 Ways to be in alignment & harmony  with MERCURY RETROGRADE in Cancer

1. If it looks (or feels) dangerous ahead, slow down or stop!
2. Call your mother, even if she is dead.
3. Care for the Ocean
4. Let go of numbered time, (don’t hold on with stress), look for circular time
5. If it doesn’t work, don’t push it
6. Be late with grace (if you are running late)
7. When stress or resistance arises, do whatever brings you the most peace in that moment
8. Breathe more oxygen into your lungs, heart, organs, hands feet and brain, more than you ever have before–as much as possible of the retrograde 3 weeks (Mercury relates to lungs and breath)!!
9. Are you resisting what is? Enjoy what is!
10. Act like a Mother. What would a mother do?
11. Experiment with sending breath and attention to any dilemma, pain, or resistance that arises
12. Notice the past, cycling by, allow healing to occur as it unwinds before you
13. Ascend your own ladder to visit your creator (Sometimes Mother Cancer refers to our creator on a large level–the one who rises sun and moon, orange peel and spaghetti noodle)
14. Risk everything for the love of mothers and children
15. Care for all water sources on earth
16. Start a local water river, lake or pond cleaning study group on facebook (Mercury loves social networking and communications) invite your friends!
17. Care for the crabs! (Don’t eat crabs during Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, or they may give you a tummy ache!)
18. If you get a tummy ache, take a drop of pure food-grade peppermint oil in water–it will soothe your tummy and soul!
19. Allow your mind to be more fluid than it has ever been before (Mercury will change your mind!) have a flexible mind!
20. Initiate changes that are clearly needed (cancer is a cardinal sign) especially those you initiated before but something may not have worked the first time–try again!
21. Invite your Divinity into your Mind for 3 weeks and see how you are changed
22. Learn to Master Time Space and overcome Limitations from the perspective of a galactic eye
23. Get good at accepting change and creating amidst it
24. Create what you’ve always dreamed of, right out of chaos, when it feels right
25. Give Birth
26. If you find yourself in a hospital to give birth–ask the DR in charge, if he will tell the nurses to take orders from you, so he can attend to his other patients. You will be a good director for your own birth. Send the Dr. on vacation, invite the midwife into the room, or do it yourself.
27. Any power taken away from the mother, give it back
28. Trust the process (cancer is process oriented) just do it–for the process! You can always do it again.
29. Honor your inner mother
30. Honor your inner child