June 26, 2013 – MERCURY RETROGRADE in Mama Cancer for 3 weeks now . . .

SUN TRINE SATURN this morning reminds us that even as things may appear to fall apart or dissolve, other things are sprouting out of the rubble. Always look to the sun, especially when you are forging new ground.

MERCURY RETROGRADE at dawn this morning ignites the SUN’s light with the trickster spiralling energy of fun, pleasures, nourishment and delight. (especially in the middle of summer!). Fax machines may fail, plans may change and we may find ourselves feeling like we are “going in circles,” in one way or another, however this is natural for a MERCURY in RETROGRADE!!  As this Mind Maverick changes direction in our apparent sky ahead, we can notice our own backward and forward motion, and changes in plans!

MOON TRINE MAPRS just a minute after MERCURY STATIONS at 6:08 am, pdt, offers a reminder that all action stems from the belly, when it is “right action.” The belly knows best!

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE offers a solution to everything: link with the divine, get creative, let go, and let it flow!

A MERCURY RETROGRADE reminder, that when things don’t work, or plans change, there is usually a higher plan. Look for the invisitble coincidences, the subtle energy shifts and go where it feels really good in your belly!!

May our minds be opened by all the change in MERCURY. May we expand with the cosmos as she opens inside of us.