June 24, 2013 – Work. Problem Solve. Build a House of Love.

We’ve crossed the peak of summer, the highest ripest point of fruition for this solar year has happened–only yesterday. Now we ride down from this peak, all the way to the bottom, low energy quiet time at Winter Solstice. Although we’ve crossed the highest point, the solar creative energy is still very bright, now shining through the lens of Capricorn, where we build, hike, and journey to accomplish what we came here to do–whatever that is. We are builders, parents, architects and teachers in a new emerging time, when we are in our Capricorn self.

There may be challenges: MOON OPPOSES MERCURY in the middle of the day at 1:19 pm ,pdt. Care in communications is important when there is tension to oppose each other. We can be opposites and respect each side of the pole.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS at 7:29 pm, pdt offers a love challenge. We grow in two directions at once. We are hard and we are soft. We are strong and we are receptive. We can be rigid and practical in some areas, while being fluid and receptive in other areas. Where is rigidity and consistency important and where is fluidity and receptivity important. Both are needed in the right doses, in the right places. Today we learn about this balance and dance.

May we utilize our inner architect to look into our life, and build or reinforce a house of love.