June 23, 2013 – Peak of Summer FULL MOON!

The closest aspect to the FULL MOON as it approaches its peak point, is a MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER at 12:09 am, pdt. This is an important peak for the writer, editor, speaker, perceptual shift in our mind. JUPITER is peaking with our personal FULL MOON rising, in its last few days in Gemini, before heading to the next sign of Cancer on June 25th. This is a writer’s publisher’s creative abundance peak of the year–go for it!

MOON enters the sign of the FULL MOON: Capricorn–(in the Solar-Seasonal-Cycle-Based-Zodiac) at 1:08 am, pdt. (pacific daylight time). A few hours later, pre-dawn at 4:32 am, pdt, FULL MOON at the top of the mountain of this year is shining us into the morning hours. We are the music being played by the spheres, and this is our stage of the world.

The cycle that is peaking now, began with a NEW MOON in Gemini, just after two months of killing off old dead things and transitioning all kinds of people into new spaces, places and relationships with the eclipses, now we have a freer space to relax into. Now, in the field of a Gemini NEW MOON, and Capricorn FULL MOON, with SUN in Cancer, we can express all this change through flowering instead of having to change, change, change, now we are flowering, flowering, flowering. FLowering needs dirt–a ground of one kind or another. This airy ground feels so good, after an eclipse field of perceptual shift and radical movement

This is a FULL MOON in Capricorn, the top of the mountain we’ve been climbing, whatever that mountain is, we get to climax for the year, and then slide down, or walk down the other side of the mountain, all the way back to the deep dark WINTER SOLSTICE POINT, the darkest point of the cycle, in December. For now, lets enjoy the peak of the solar cycle, the most light–with the FULL MOON, in peak light. There’s no other moment like this one, in the midst of a transformative cycle, transformed by light, flight and deeply rooted fruitions, that we’ve been dreaming up for a long time. Enjoy!

This FULL MOON is an opportunity to fully feel our flowering up out of the earth as a living renewing human (earth-moving-animal-plant). We are made up of animals and plants, and dirt and air. We are made up of earth, and feel the fluid interconnection of all of her/our creatures as our veins, airways, psychic sleep places and spaces of creation. We are unique expressions–fingers of God/dess. Lets play music, and celebrate the top of our creative mountain and the brightest time of the year! Happy Full Moon of Mid Summer!!! We’re growing in such a way that we are coming ripe for a “pop!” This is a pop of life-giving color-making uniqueness-fruiting life!

FULL MOON sextile SATURN and NEPTUNE from the two water signs that loosely GRAND TRINE the SUN in early Cancer, from later in Pisces & Scorpio. We’re surrounded by soulwater this year. We cannot escape our soulkarma journey this year!

MOON ECLIPSE/CONJUNCT PLUTO at 5:36 pm, pdt is a call to evening transformation. MOON SQUARES URANUS, tapping the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO cauldron–at 8:27 pm. Lightning bolts of brilliance that crack through the old stale veils are piercing through. Are we shining the light, or receiving the light, or both? Light is tender and truthful. Tenderness is super important especially where truth might hurt.

May we drink, dance, create, love, expand, explore, kiss, dive into and swim with this flowering coloring time of the solar cycle. This is mid-summer-peak time!!!