June 22, 2013 – Day of Full Breath

The one aspect influencing today: MOON in Sagittarius OPPOSITE MARS in Gemini, is a fiery aspect of physical movement.  The MOON is on its way to being FULL at 4:32 am pdt (pacific daylight time) tomorrow morning. We are cosmic travellers. Our physical body is our vehicle. We extend our physical shell of a body out into houses and cars, however the “vehicle” given by the creator is our body. What keeps our body alive? Breath, water and food. We are elemental beings. We are nourished by all four elements. If we are aging or not feeling versatile or agile as we would like, now is the time to scan our elemental intake. We can always take in more breath. There are a proliferation of “breath shamans” multiplying these days. These Breath weilding coaches offer us group and individual sessions where we can receive support to breath in beyond our limits. We can breathe bacteria and viral pockets right out of our body–If we really go for it!  And really going for it, breathing breathing, we can breathe ourselves clean and wholly healed!  This is a day to breathe with power!

May the elements of earth, water, fire (inspiration) and especially air (breathe) nourish us today as we flower into full!