June 20, 2013 – Feminine Mama Communications Resurgence Portal ~ Happy Summer Solstice !!

This is an uncommon Summer Solstice, midstream in a four-year-revolution in consciousness, with a Scorpio MOON nurturing our deep parts into the light of day. This deep MOON in Scorpio is nourishing our womb-like gestations of motherwork in dreamtime with a TRINE to VENUS in Cancer. This sweet depth is a life and death, revolutionary kiss of summer. Life is precious because death is part of the journey.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 12:16 is a friendly-feeling communications aspect with mothering in the middle of it. MOther Summer is alive.

MOON enters the VOID at 12:16 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time).

A magical MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS is sparked in our womb of feminine creativity (man or womban, we have this place within) It is activated in this SUmmer SOlstice window of fun!

We are alive with fertility and the revolution is afoot.

SUMMER SOLSTICE is at 10:04 pm, pdt at night!

May we enjoy this sacred catalysed time!