June 19, 2013 – Deep Roots with Tall Flowers, Reaching a Pinacle of Communications ~

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Power Scorpio at 8:20 am, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time)/11:20 am EDT. As we touch our limitations, our work, our father within, our time clock, achievement focused self, we can kiss him with inner she–the MOON, mothering, nurturing deep new infrastructure of power within and without.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 8:44 am, pdt/11:44 edt offers solace for a small self in surrendering to a big river. We can all surrender to the river, in our own life. The river is our friend, especially when iti s hot in the middle of summer! May the water-source be with you!

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER at 9:11 am is the “aspect of the day,” as it happens at a significant time, referencing “crumbling towars,” a symbol we’ve become familiar with as our empire falls under our feet. Stay clear of the dying thrashing old dragon, as the old wizard’s tale’s say about this time. SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER will shine their way with the light of insight, truth and the best kind of revelations–the ones that say “Aha” on a deep level that changes us. Today is a day that changes us, if we allow it in fully.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at 5:36 pm, pdt is an empowerment between the large force of revolution and change “toward the better,” that is happening now, with our personal sphere of influence. We feed the revolution with our awareness and consciousness. It feeds us by breaking a system that was sucking the earth of all her resources faster than she or we can replenish or repair the damage we’re causing with this military industrial heavy hand. It needs to become lighter and today is filled with this light! The SUN JUPITER CONUNCTION is in Gemini–at the end, the wisest part of the sign. May the ancestors be with you!

MARS SQUARE CHIRON is another key aspect of the day, in that this corner of tension in our masculine sexual side calls us to heal! Whatever is stirred in the waves made by MARS force is our growth and healing edge, on this evening, exact at 5:42 pm, pdt / 8:42 pm, edt.

May we dive with strength, power and finesse, into our shadow areas, to clear them out, becoming lighter and lighter with each new understanding. We are cleaning ourselves at a cellular level as the aspects of this day wash over us. We regenerate so many of our cells, each day, we’re recreated by tiny organisms that make us up–a tiny living earth-body! May we feel this miracle of life today!