March 17, 2013 – Old Economy, New Economy

MARS SEXTILE URANUS AT 8:20 am, pdt, gives us another “start your engines” morning. Vrrooom Vrrrrrooooom!!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 1:39 pm is a tension point between the MOON in relationship-focused Libra, SQUARING Death of the old Economy PLUTO. MOON OPPOSITE URANUS at 4:23 is the second part of the MOON’s touch with the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO of our four year revolution. We’re in the middle of this universal-pressure-cooking revolution! Today, with MOON touching in, we can feel it deeply in our personal lives.

MOON TRINE MARS at 4:49 pm, pdt offers action and next steps toward the new structures and new parts of a new economy. As the old decay’s, the new is born, and emerges up through our awareness.

Now in the light side of the lunar cycle, heading toward FULL MOON and SUMMER SOLSTICE we are in peak energy!  Peak creative fruition, and this happens in the midst of our revolution!

May we nourish ourselves the way we nourish flowers and precious gardens, watering ourselves, and inviting ourselves to grow, toward more light. May we reenvision an economy of the human family who loves each other, instead of an economy of war.