June 16, 2013 – Father’s Day Inside the Revolution

Happy Father’s Day to all humans, for fathering every creature that has ever called you to consistent attention, work, or money-making brilliance.

CHIRON STATIONED in the middle of the night, and we arise into a CHIRON slowwed field of energy as we delve back, with CHIRON’s RETROGRADE, just beginning to do some digging into places in us that need digging, so that we can rewire, see, reveal, and heal whatever we find in there.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 10:24 am, pdt is the FIRST QUARTER SHIFT PT in this 28 day lunar creation cycle, from the dark waxing quarter week to the light waxing quarter, just before we pop into flowers at the FULL MOON in a week. This SQUARE is a work point in our masculine feminine dance of fruition and growth.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 2:26 pm, from Virgo to Jupiter’s last days in Gemini, offers us questions about being prepared. What do we need for our next adventure, airplane flight, or mini-tour?

MOON enters the VOID at 2:26 with this SQUARE of questions, until later this evening at 6:18 pm, when MOON enters Libra of relationship.

May we enjoy this transitional day, as a movement axis between one awesome experience and the next one. Each day we open into another experience. Wow! And now for the next relationship piece of work!