June 15, 2013 – Morning Start Your Engines ~ Afternoon & Evening Poetry ~ Late Night Healing Portal

This morning, MOON in serious-minded Virgo SQUARES playful MARS with a to-do list. Meanwhile Power and Action are connecting in ways that call us to pay attention!

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 3:34 pm, pdt is a kiss between mother and maiden. All feminine energies are in harmony with mutual support, when they are healthy and aligned. This sextile supports this feminine to feminine alignment!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY, Virgo to Cancer, earth water nourishment in a waxing summer moonlight.

CHIRON STATIONS late tonight to go retrograde. This is a potent healing portal we enter. CHIRON activates our soul-self that feels deeply. We can meet it by giving ourselves a context for deeper healing, like a massage, a friendship, or a healing cup of tea.

May our visions and dreams be nourished in healthy earthen-soil, even as we face the toxification of parts of our world. May we clean these areas with love and our soulful care.