June 12, 2013 – Love Home Breakthrough

MOON SQUARE SATURN this morning at 8:41 am, pdt offers a tension point to press through as MOON waxes toward a fruition of summer FULL MOON at the end of the month.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 3:44 pm, pdt is an inspirational spark to act, move, dance or re-arrange the furniture in our home.

VENUS SQUARE URANUS from Cancer to Aries (exact at 3:49 pm, pdt), is a place to begin. This SQUARE offers us the tension of a sprout pushing up through rocky soil. We are each holding seeds that need to germinate and push up through soil. We are the mechanism through which the divine creates multifaceted experience. We are the hands, feet and mind that can bring forth something new into this world. With this “starter” square, we’re charged with a new beginning!

MOON TRINE URANUS at 10:04 pm, pdt gifts us with humor, home-base break-through and inner-child-joy! MOON in Leo loves to dance and play. URANUS in Aries loves to laugh at the changes in this life! We are alive with fiery glowing life-force!

May we embody this vibrance allowing it to lift us past our limitations, into our brightest colors!