June 11, 2013 – Creative Life Sex Feminine Transformation VOID

The MOON is VOID all day between Cancer and Leo. In between WATER and FIRE, there is alchemy.

VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO in the (MOON VOID field) Cancer to Capricorn is a creative pulse on what is possible at the FULL MOON coming up. We are at the creative visual control-panel of our future and this is fruition time! We are sexy and filled with potential–and this is SACRED TIME in the VOID!

SATURN TRINE NEPTUNE at 4:18 pm, pdt is a smooth connection between solid form and fluid energy that moves through that form. This is for each of us a treasure trove of creative manifestation open-space in our energy field, life and relationships.

MOON enters Leo, landing in fiery night traction from the VOID for the last two days. This night we light our inner heart fire. We have creativity ahead, inner flames lighting at 9:58 pm, pdt.

May we enjoy the peace and potential spiritual journey of a MOON VOID day of important planetary meetings and conversations. May we feel free to innovate in our own way–for this is our time to flower into our genius and joy!!