June 10, 2013 – Mother Water Speaks her Revolution in the Summer Void

Who is the mother of the revolution?  The water is. MOON is in Mother Cancer this morning as we rise. In the middle of the night, MOON CONJUNCT VENUS vibrates us with her special light, so we may wake up feeling, creative, alive, grateful, or in love with the earthly, animally, humanly nature around us!

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 7:12 am, pdt, offers us another opportunity to die in the best way. Death is a constant process and we do not want to get caught up thinking that half of a natural and whole process of life is bad or dark or evil in any way. Death is a natural part of life and life is a natural part of death–they are inseparable–and therefore of the same whole. What die’s when we don’t attend to it and what lives  because we infuse it with attention?  This is what today is for, infusing our most ignited excited mother-creative parts with our attention, time energy and love.

MOON SQUARE URANUS (Cancer to Aries) – This is a cardinal personal square of the mother revolution (Uranus Square Pluto) with Saturn in Scorpio deep water power. We are called to mother our own revolution. Each of us has a revolution to attend to. Within, without, socially, financially, politically, and perceptually.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY at 2:15 pm, pdt sends the MOON into a communicative VOID with mother Cancer, on its way to creative inner-child, fun-loving LEO. MOON will arrive in Leo from the VOID tomorrow night!  MOON will be VOID all the way through tomorrow!

May we receive this Mother Revolution VOID MOON portal that begins this afternoon, through tomorrow–with receptive fertile mind, for the creation of life is strong in us now and we are her flower petals and field of hands. May our love shine through our actions, smiles, feelings and beings in this beautiful Summer Void.