June 7, 2013 – Dark Moon, last release of eclipse story

Today, we enter the energy of the Gemini NEW MOON, even though the actual NEW MOON isn’t until tomorrow: at round 8:45 am, pdt, both MOON & SUN are already chatting together about the new creation work ahead!

MOON CONJUNCT MARS first thing this morning: fills our morning with movement and change afoot!
VENUS in GRAND TRINE with JUPITER & SATURN provides us with a good creative work opportunity! It’s good to dig into good work: building new bridges in preparation for new creativity!
MERCURY OPPOSES PLUTO at 3:03 pm, pdt, inviting us to do some serious and soulful communicating!
MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE at 4:57 pm pdt may feel like tiredness or resistance, it’s a working corner about direction & action, or not!
At the end of the day, if it feels awkward or “dark”, deep or sleepy, it is because it is the DARK LOW ENERGY point in our eclipse creation cycle last month. Today we seal the deal on the changes of the last two months!
May we seal the deal with our higher self that contracts with our dreams manifesting in this dimension! May we envision! May we create anew!