June 6, 2013 – Weird Eclipse Waning VOID

This day is the second day in a row we have a MOON VOID all day. MOON TRINED PLUTO yesterday morning, sending the MOON in eathly Taurus trining DEATH/REBIRTH-PLUTO -then into the spacey zoney weird void.

Today we are in this VOID all day, until 8:32 pm, pdt, when the MOON grounds into its winged airy sign of Gemini to fly into the NEW MOON territory. NEW MOON is Saturday morning. Until then, the MOON is dark and waning, down into the end of the eclipse-death/kali-change field. Down at the bottom, we rest. We rejuvenate, and we reconnect with all parts of self.

May this time be deep and beautiful, even in its transitions and weirdness!