June 3, 2013 – Half way through 2013 Jingle! Cheers!

With SUN in Gemini and MOON in Aries, there is both inner and outer fire. This Monday rocks! Thump thump!! crackle crackle! Its electric guitar day!

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE in the afternoon at 12:18 pm is a rock song lyric-making field of opportunity (pacific daylight time). (pdt).

MERCURY TRINE SATURN at 6:22 pm is a universe-made recording studio of our favorite wish, ready to roll out the wish carpet before our eyes, if we’ll let go of our old version of a world.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER in the evening, 11:09 pm, pdt, gives late night laughter, accomplishment or money exchange. We are filled with self loving abundance!! May we overflow to touch others with laughter and fun . . . . . loving sharing our gifts, overflowing cups of gifts we share tonight. . . MOON enters the VOID at 11:09 pm, between Aries and Taurus, until morning.

Sweet Void.