June 2, 2013 – Heart Activation – Love Calls Us to Deep Inner Work

This Sunday is a SUNDAY of love depth. We are beginning with a MOON that entered fiery Aries last night at midnight and we may have stirred in this peak of night. It may have been a restless or jumping night of late movement til (MOON SEXTILE MARS) 2 am, pdt. . . So if we are sleepy in the morning, or edgy with a MOON SQUARE MERCURY at dawn, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time), it is because the night has us working in our dream-state on some deep and large material within!

With this white inner-fire-of-refinement, we can surf the gentle transition of VENUS’s consciousness and presence from the realm of meaningful chatter and fast-moving relationships, to a place that is more settled, and even preparing to give birth–to a project, a perfect moment, a child, or a new village. VENUS moves from GEmini to Cancer at 7:13 pm, pdt.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 8:12 pm, pdt is a deep call to FEEL. This call can happen in any form. We are called to embody the depth of heart and soul that we do have. When we allow our soul to speak, it fills our life with reformative health and wellness of alive souljuice to share.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS–at 9:39pm, pdt–the other part of our cycle through URANUS SQUARE PLUTO with the MOON’s monthly taps (weaving our human sensitive personal emotions in and out of this crucifiction of earth and spirit cauldron of change.) This aspect, calls us to look within to see what is needed to break freer and freer of what is not working in the new paradigm.

MOON SEXTILE SUN at 11:47 pm, pdt with a masculine feminine kiss of presence in a sweet dance of mutual support. This sweet night carries us to bed. We are a new love emerging in each moment as our heart awakens to this new love. We dance love. We eat love, breathe love serve love and weave love. May we ignite, see, be and free this love within.