June 1-7, 2013 – Waning Dark Moon of Eclipse Final Shift Week

This first week of June is the final exclamation point on the shifts, changes, messages and happenings that have occurred since we entered the “zone of eclipses” this spring/early summer of 2013. This is the low energy point of a mid-creation peak in the solar cycle. This last week is like the out-breath on the whole two month radical shift period we’ve each seen, felt or witnessed in ourselves or in another, in this two months! MOON in Pisces, to Aries, to Taurus to Gemini in this week, brings us to a deep inner quiet rest place on June 7th, a place of fertile creation, welcoming in the cycle of mid-summer. The first lunar cycle in a few, free of eclipse-like-jagged-edges. We have a smooth stone to ground and a blank field of soil in our womb of heart of creation. We are approaching a juicy mid-summer new moon, and this week is the outbreath, and tilling just before new seeds arrive. We are carriers of miracles to come.

June 1, 2013 – Water to Fire Change Unwind Spin

This first day of June begins with MOON in wise-ascended master-Pisces. SQUARING expansive happy Elephant-shaped Jupiter at 1:18 pm, pdt. This is a Ganesh kind of afternoon, with twinkles of Harry Potter magic tossed in by a SEXTILE from SUN to URANUS in the evening at 6:46 pm, pdt.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at 9:30 pm, pdt. There is a love-shift, or love work on our plate. Its a good night for a working meal–the Saturnian kind that is so healthy saturn becomes our best friend in our stomach’s ability to digest and integrate living raw material and protein into healthy new living infrastructure through clear channels of communication between all the most important parts! When our hearts are activated, we may be wonderfully inspired to work in areas we may not have been willing to work before! Celebrate heart work! Yayyy!

May we be ready to enjoy the light-hearted warmth of the summer creation cycle coming. This is the final week to cleanse and prepare for absolute joyful blissful creation, in the new moon creative upward waxing two weeks that follow it up to the FULL MOON of SUMMER SOLSTICE ahead!!

May we revel in this precious time. Outbreath . . . . In, Out, Breath, In, Out, In, Out, in, OUT!!!!!! ahhhhhhh the release feels so good. (all week long)