May 28, 2013 – Big Venusplosion

MOON is in Capricorn TRINE MARS in Taurus this morning, giving us a good work energy to get a lot done in the morning, prior to the VOID between 11:40 am and 2:48 pm, pdt. This VOID is special because within it, in that time-frame, VENUS and JUPITER conjunct at the same place in the sky in Gemini, from our perspective on earth. This CONJUNCTION is beautiful for each of us in our own best kind of opening exploding expanding way.

We can expand our love today, we can jump start our creativity, write a business plan, communicate our heart’s deepest desires and love . . . .

MOON enters Aquarius at 2:48 pm, pdt giving us community-inspired life-force, and a more grounded energy for the slippery VOID in which some kind of big VEnusplosion happens. What is a VENUSpolosion?  Its what happens when VENUS and JUPITER come together!! (12:29 pm, pdt) Notice what happens for you!

May each breath be precious. May each love be true.


May 27, 2013 – New Communications Paradigm

Last night there is an awkward aspect that challenges us to find new forms and ways of communicating with each other. We are currently gridded into a social system of communication that is out-dated.  There is new energy in this area, to integrate. Each one of us will find a way to transition the old system to a new system of communications that serve our higher purpose more effectively.

By listening deep within, we can hear some guidance that may assist us in overcoming creative communications blocks we face. (SUN & MOON are each doing a dance with SATURN) This dance is infused with the magic of new communications as MERCURY is with JUPITER today, after an exact conjunction last night at 12:56 am, pdt. We are called, perhaps even in last night’s dreamtime, to recreate the way we think and communicate. We have an opportunity to elevate this realm of communications to a “higher place,” along the ladder to heaven on earth. Part of climbing the ladder to heaven, is taking the steps in consciousness to lift us higher in our relationship dances.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO this morning at 8:12 am may have us feeling the weight and depth of power we’ve been touched by lately, offering us an opportunity for an earthly grounding of cathartic forces. We’re in a big cauldron of change for four years with PLUTO SQUARE URANUS, and when a planet, especially the MOON touches this change point, we contact the revolution personally with feelings and our day-to-day experiences.

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 8:50 am pdt is the square of freedom, a square of movement and change from the old to the new, even when it hurts.  Sometimes the pain of loss, or change, is not really pain that reflects something bad, but rather more like the pain of excersizing our muscles til they hurt. Freedom is a muscle that we need to work-out, or we become over-attached, over-enslaved creatures of habit. Today is a day to free ourselves.

MOON in Capricorn is grounding, even for a revolution that doesn’t really know where its going, only that it is freeing us from the old stale, enslaved past, the future is unknown and yet it is grounded by each of our steps, choices and thoughts. We get to vision, create and then live the new systems coming, that replace the ones that are breaking down now.

May we deconstruct the old paradigm gracefully as we surrender to the living wisdom of the new, arising not before each moment. What we need is there, in each moment, and then the next. Everything happens in steps, even climbing the highest mountain.


May 26, 2013 – Gratitude and Grace

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY and JUPITER in Gemini, from Sagittarius, pre-dawn. This opposition is a fruition follow-up on the FULL MOON in Sagittarius! Now we have expansion of communications related to the exciting changes that are afoot in our heart-gardens.

After MOON OPPOSES JUPITER at 3:22 am, pdt, it goes VOID. This is an intense request from the universe to embody and work with more ENERGY! This can feel different ways to different people. Energies are purifying through us, and new conscious light is entering, moving density through us.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE at 3:26 am, also pre-dawn, increasing the emotional and the slippery sleepy factor by a large increment of steps and volume! Today is an unusually other-worldly day!

MOON grounds into Capricorn from the VOID at 2:28 pm, pdt, giving us the feeling of a late beginning or a strange transition in the day. If we have work to do, we’ll feel our feet hitting the ground in the late afternoon.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 10:58 pm, pdt is a kiss of more spiritual flow, inviting more and more and more grace into our lives. Bring in more gratitude to increase the grace volume! Gratitude and Grace, Gratitude and Grace!!

May we practice feeling more gratitude, even in areas that we may not have felt it before–so we may experience the abundance and flow of grace in our lives!

May 25, 2013 – Sacred Fire Dance

MOON in Sagittarius TRINE URANUS in Aries at 9:01 am, pdt, opens the morning with a graceful dose of humor, wild tricks, or freedom songs.  This zappy fun aspect charges the day with freedom and good vibrations through the evening.

MOON and our emotions come closest to EARTH at 6:30 pm, offering us an opportunity for emotional alchemy here in the third dimension.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS at 11:16 pm, pdt is a charged female dance of light and shadow. Sometimes when we dance together we remember ancient temples and we’re inspired to create new temple spaces in our hearts, from which unfold mysterious joys.

The FULL MOON ECLIPSE energy is still charging up our days through tomorrow with its most charged transformation and change energy. Little deaths and little new life’s are popping!

May our unfolding pops be held with wisdom and light, knowing their arrival is just in time for our next steps. We are changing fast in these days!

May 24, 2013 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE of Our Spiritual Path – Leap of Faith

This is another really special portal-like day–a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE-day-with the SUN in Gemini and the MOON in Sagittarius.

MOON OPPOSES MARS from Scorpio at 6:55 am, before going into the VOID for the morning. At 2:49 pm, MOON enters Sagittarius–the sign of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE later tonight.

Prior to this special power ECLIPSE PEAK, there is a MERCURY VENUS CONJUNCTION at 4:54 pm, pdt. This conjunction brings together our mind fire and heart fire for a conference of the best kind within. We can harmonize our cells and inner ecosystem with this cosmic aligment of mind and heart.

The FULL MOON ECLIPSE takes place between 9:11 and 9:25 pm and the hour surrounding so between 8pm and 10 pm (pacific daylight time) is the potent window.

By 11:19 pm, pdt, MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE could have us longing to be between our sheets, if we are not already there. Neptune can have us feeling sleepy, among other feelings. Its good to go with our own flow, even if it differs from another’s tonight. We can compromise in the morning when we feel freer with our energy when MOON TRINES URANUS.

May we eclipse our fears, resistance, blocks and lacks, replacing them with abundant love, priceless moments of contact with other humans, an evolutionary journey on earth that is lined with god, soul and colorful animals. May our gratitude melt all challenge.