May 26, 2013 – Gratitude and Grace

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY and JUPITER in Gemini, from Sagittarius, pre-dawn. This opposition is a fruition follow-up on the FULL MOON in Sagittarius! Now we have expansion of communications related to the exciting changes that are afoot in our heart-gardens.

After MOON OPPOSES JUPITER at 3:22 am, pdt, it goes VOID. This is an intense request from the universe to embody and work with more ENERGY! This can feel different ways to different people. Energies are purifying through us, and new conscious light is entering, moving density through us.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE at 3:26 am, also pre-dawn, increasing the emotional and the slippery sleepy factor by a large increment of steps and volume! Today is an unusually other-worldly day!

MOON grounds into Capricorn from the VOID at 2:28 pm, pdt, giving us the feeling of a late beginning or a strange transition in the day. If we have work to do, we’ll feel our feet hitting the ground in the late afternoon.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 10:58 pm, pdt is a kiss of more spiritual flow, inviting more and more and more grace into our lives. Bring in more gratitude to increase the grace volume! Gratitude and Grace, Gratitude and Grace!!

May we practice feeling more gratitude, even in areas that we may not have felt it before–so we may experience the abundance and flow of grace in our lives!

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