May 24, 2013 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE of Our Spiritual Path – Leap of Faith

This is another really special portal-like day–a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE-day-with the SUN in Gemini and the MOON in Sagittarius.

MOON OPPOSES MARS from Scorpio at 6:55 am, before going into the VOID for the morning. At 2:49 pm, MOON enters Sagittarius–the sign of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE later tonight.

Prior to this special power ECLIPSE PEAK, there is a MERCURY VENUS CONJUNCTION at 4:54 pm, pdt. This conjunction brings together our mind fire and heart fire for a conference of the best kind within. We can harmonize our cells and inner ecosystem with this cosmic aligment of mind and heart.

The FULL MOON ECLIPSE takes place between 9:11 and 9:25 pm and the hour surrounding so between 8pm and 10 pm (pacific daylight time) is the potent window.

By 11:19 pm, pdt, MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE could have us longing to be between our sheets, if we are not already there. Neptune can have us feeling sleepy, among other feelings. Its good to go with our own flow, even if it differs from another’s tonight. We can compromise in the morning when we feel freer with our energy when MOON TRINES URANUS.

May we eclipse our fears, resistance, blocks and lacks, replacing them with abundant love, priceless moments of contact with other humans, an evolutionary journey on earth that is lined with god, soul and colorful animals. May our gratitude melt all challenge.


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