May 22, 2013 – Nuclear Power Plant WIthin

Late last night there was a sharp deep penetrating touch to a wound spot or a power spot, or a charged spot. (MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON) then a little later MOON TRINE JUPITER, sending MOON into the VOID between Libra of relationships and Scorpio of pure power focus.

As we come into the morning there is an expansion of our ability to think about what is going on inside of us. We grow too, like plants and animals, we have specific life spans. Although spiritually eternal, we are physically bound to our body’s life like a thread is to its spindle. When our time runs out, then this lifestory ends. Here in the middle, as each day, each turn of the spindle on our thread of life whirls us in this dance, we have an opportunity to choose in every moment whether we are dirty or clean energy. Do we emit critical thoughts that limit and confine each other, or do we say things that uplift and expand energy?

Now is the time, as MOON crosses from Libra to Scorpio today, to see how our thoughts words and interactions with others generate energy. We can generate positive energy or negative energy. Destructive energy or Uplifting energy. Everything we think, perceive, say and do carries an energy emanation.  Are we acting like clean free energy ourselves in the world, or do we talk dirty, think dirty and constantly look for what we can “get” from others and situations?

MOON grounds from slippery VOID into Scorpio at 1:55 pm, pdt. After a VOID MORNING we step into a POWER AFTERNOON. This power afternoon is finding right relationship to our thoughts words and focus of attention, so that we become a clean source of energy, free of toxic radioactive thinking and emanations that might burn others, or, especially the ones that burn ourselves with anything other than purifying, clarifying ascending consciousness.

MOON in power source Scorpio TRINES flow master, NEPTUNE at 10:45 pm, pdt–giving us a spiritual doorway, or creative portal that flows grace into a potentially life & death charged ECLIPSE FIELD. It is a nice awareness to remember that we are in an eclipse field, which is highly charged. In each moment, each word, thought and action, are we choosing life or death? Connection or separation? Divine will or egoic will?  Lifting our vibration and the vibration of others with healing thoughts and energy or seeing the faults in others with our attention?

May we utilize the power of this eclipse field to gently bring our inner nuclear power plant (that constantly sees what is wrong), to a graceful rest place, while we gear up our clean free energy within, (our healer creator, gifting others), for the new era that we live now. .  We are heading toward the third eclipse of three in the FULL MOON ECLIPSE coming on Friday, May 24 at 9:11 (Eclipse Point) and 9:25 pm (FULL MOON point). This eclipse field is a life and death field and we can kill off the old and birth the new.

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