May 19, 2013 – Good Kind of Tension – Growth

The waxing pre-Solar Eclipse MOON is building a kind of energy we have never seen before, not only in this life, but in any life. This energy of today is unique, in a unique cycle of very powerful transformative energies.

If we stay on the “up-side” we can feel exhilerated in moments, excited by shifts, opened by new incoming energies. If we crash, worry or go into fear, we can go very deep and feel like we are either already dead or dying, even with a small loss, or a moment of confusion. The eclipses are not “light,” or superficial energies–they penetrate deeply with a lot of power. This power is not judgemental–it sees two forces as appropriate in any given moment, life, or death. We are either living or dying in any moment. The eclipses will push us to feel this edge. Feeling this edge can take us to a place where we understand how fleeting life really is and how much of a gift it really is. What matters? Every person will be taken to this place–what matters most in my life? What are the losses and let go’s that i realize, i either didn’t need, was holding onto old seedpods, or resisting life. If we allow life to live its radical changes through us, like day to night and night to day–then back again. If the sky changes colors so radically, so often, why can’t we also change this radically? We are in a death process–the old is dying to the new. No clinging!

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 1:06 am, pdt is the kind of tension to grow with. Fruit, flowers, men and women all grow with this kind of tension. Plants need to be pushed over by the wind, in order to gain strength, flexibility and a strong core.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 6:55 pm is a lifting of the tension, to a higher frequency. Now instead of tension with flower-love-of-venus, we instead stretch and grow with a push from JUPITER, our great grandfather whose gifts are royal and lucky. Even in a SQUARE of tension, JUPITER is working for our bouyant joyful indulgent earthly happiness.

MOON SQUARE MARS offers fire in the best way. Earthly-grounded, focused fire, with details in place. MOON in Virgo takes care of details, while MARS fires up the engine of action and force. We can forge ahead into new, old and renewed, or unknown territory with momentum. Even in the midst of a lot of power we must take care of details, like turning off the stove, within or without–when its time.

May the effulgent tension of pushing flowers through the soil, anchor and stretch us like little stems of God/Goddess, pushing ourselves up our own spinal fluid passage-way–into another consciousness.

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