May 16, 2013 – Grrrrrrroar says the Moon, As she gets bigger with light

We’re still in the dark side of the lunar cycle, as the crescent moon waxes a little more light each day to its sliver. MOON is in solar LEO SQUARE SATURN as we rise this morning (exact SQUARE at: 5:21 am, pdt.)

Its good to begin the morning with self discipline and a clear plan, so the grace of the rest of the day has something to ride on.

VENUS SEXTILE MOON Gemini to Leo at 8:52 am, pdt is a kiss of feminine goddess love on our crowns from the cosmos.

MOON TRINE URANUS at 1:39 pm, pdt offers a pyramid of magical power between fire and air energy players–may we aspire to be great magicians manifesting at our fingertips the tools we need for the next phase.

MOON is Roaring in Leo through tomorrow night, with a SQUARE to MARS in the morning, and First QUarter MOON SQUARE in the evening, enough tension to get fiesty and wrestle the opposite sex.

May our wrestling cause us to release tension through contact, excersize, dance and tickling our tension to pieces. This waxing MOON is a magical vessel for our love and creativity, let it rise!

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