Azlan White and StarWeatherWhale are taking a time out during this period to restructure how our daily weather is delivered. We will return with a new spirit, structure and way of delivering the energy weather for you!!!

This period between eclipses, (three eclipses) that began with New Moon on April 10th–not an eclipse, but the NEW MOON of the cycle which would peak with our first of three eclipses: a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. The full eclipse window of two lunar cycles is April 10th, 2013- June 7, 2013–with the free and clear next cycle beginning on a NEW MOON on June 8th, 2013–stepping into a new life, in some way, after the ashes and the purge of the eclipse field on our selves and lives.

This LUNAR ECLIPSE on April 25th, 2013 was our Beltane, (FIRST OF THREE): A FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE, flushing out our relationship dramas. The Scorpio FULL MOON is often the most intense emotionally and psychically–of all the full moons all yea. To add an eclipse to this in a URANUS SQUARE PLUTO window (coming up May 20th!!)–adds waters of deep deep cathartic transformation that are beyond any individual or any one relationship. We are cooked by the cosmos–each in our own way–physically, socially, familialy, culturally, internally and spiritually.

We waned down to a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, (2nd ECLIPSE of 3) which initiated another death/rebirth process, one of many successive deaths, so never be attached. During an eclipse window where we are purging through extremes in self and others, the divine “has its way with us” as they say. In these tricky times, we are balancing the delicate balance of being fully committed to purpose, passion, truth and right action, while not attaching to outcomes, rewards, specific details or long-term plans. This kind of ability to be fluid in the face of often radical changes, is a key to peace in an eclipse field. Its good to be attached to our values: of peace, within and without, harmony between people, creative use of intelligence to solve problems, rising above convention, convolution and general “cultural sleepiness.” For each of us–this “rising above,” must happen in our own way. I find my way to balance through yoga, breathwork, and spiritual practice, as well as writing to connect with my inner guidance.

I have moved to a new location where i don’t know anyone. Just in time for the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE!! This new place allows me to fully experience the death and rebirth of this eclipse window.  Even though you may not be moved to a new place geographically, you will be moved to a “new place,” within yourselves, as a result of the energy shifts of this period of time, as we’ve just crossed the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on May 9th, 2013.  We are now in waxing territory past the second eclipse, heading for the third and final death/rebirth contact from the cosmos.

It is good to be strong, courageous and focused on the practices that you know will anchor you into your own health, wellness and balance amidst turbulent times. It is good to participate fully where you know it counts–which may be fewer places in divine truth–than our mind would entertain to think–often. During an eclipse field–superficial talk is often not tolerable, because deep rivers of survival, love, money, passion, meditation, and transformation are running in us. We may even feel “assaulted” by superficiality, as if it wears on precious life force, as it always has, but eclipses add weight to everything like a portal of timeless time, more precious than gold in transformative currency. Use this river of death to kill off what you know you don’t need. Use the well of life that springs forth from that release, to feed your dreams nutrition, soil, water and new fresh air. Your ideas are the web of creative god-future. Allow them to fill you with delight, and formation in the physical world. How does YOUR heaven manifest on earth?

As this ECLIPSE LUNAR CYCLE builds toward a second partial FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on May 24th, 2013, at 9:25 pm, pdt, we peak again, (hit the 3rd and FINAL of 3 ECLIPSES) in the transformative connection point with eclipse kali’s hands and feet. This transformation within and without will unwind down to the DARK MOON on June 7th–the ripe, insecure, final purge and release from eclipse purge field. June 8th, 2013, we cross a NEW MOON in Gemini at 8:56 am, pdt (pacific daylight time). At this time we will birth a new light, a new ability to come out or our deep transformative shells, and “chat” for a moment, in a more light-hearted manner.

Until June 8th, 2013, we can bring our light heart into the deepest shadow places of humankind, as we purge ourselves, our communities, and our environments from things that don’t feel good, don’t smell good, and don’t talk & act good. God/Goddess forgives all things, in my observation, and some things cause all of creation to light up with the joy of balance, harmony, wholeness and alignment with a kind of invincible center core of light-consciousness.

May we have the patience, understanding, and creative consciousness to bring this core of light-filled ground, into every uneasy, shadowy, dark situation that may arise within, or without. May the eclipse be with your kali sword, your brave heart, and your receptive soul-ear.

Bless you all with all my love!  If you would like a private reading, i will be giving private phone readings during this window of time, as i revise this website and way of delivering these messages to you. Thank you for your patience!  I love you! Please send me feedback on what you’ve liked and not-liked about past posts, if you would like!!!


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