April 27, 2013 – Invisible Fire of Imagination

Today is a day to imagine. MOON lands in Sagittarius, one with a mission, pointing his bow and arrow at the center of the universe!

MOON SQUARE”S NEPTUNE by 12:32 pm, pdt offering a corner of work between personal and divine will, or personal and divine perspectives, or the corner between being totally present and totally escaping. This is a place to actively utilize our imagination to “work,’ our dreams into visionary and emotional form. If we can imagine it and feel it, we can be it.

MOON comes closest to earth for this cycle today–so we may feel earthbound, or feel physical.

MOON TRINE URANUS at 9:01 pm, offers a pair of wings after an earthly day. URANIAN energy is a faucent of invisible-world pocket of allies–including frogs, crickets, mice, honey bees, spiders, and ants, all offering us the ear-whispering gifts of springtime.

Late tonight we encounter SUN OPPOSITE SATURN, (actually tomorrow) at 1:27 am, pdt. This opposition is a sacred act of completion. We can ritualistically celebrate the end, flowering, unveiling, and release of something we’ve been working on for a long time. We are learning maturity and mastery in some area.

May we feel the inner fire and allow its light to blaze our trail into our next steps.