April 26, 2013 – Post Eclipse VOID – Musical Action

This day begins with the MOON in the VOID, having OPPOSED VENUS at 1:56 am, pdt, for a creative expressive moment in our dreams or waking middle of the night.

Creative, sexual and financial tension abounds, and yet, it is springtime, and everything is in bloom! Beautiful scents are in the air, and even though the MOON is in an interesting kind of post-eclipse VOID, we can still gain traction through unusual means, like meditation, visioning, stream-of-consciousness writing, or watching a film that has a message for us.

MOON in Scorpio, now VOID until more fully into Sagittravel-us. Now, today, we’re in the VOID between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

MARS SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 6:46 this evening, adds to the traction in the VOID feeling, as our action is tied to vision and redemption this evening! May we take right action in alignment with the will of our spirit.  This is a musical act of self-less-ness. We are channels for sacred actions of a larger divine flowering. May we act inside of this grace.

May we receive the sacred fire of life inside our spring-time-womb, offering blessings to all creatures.