April 24, 2013 – FULL MOON creative link-ups in the VOID

This day, the day before the FULL MOON ECLIPSE, has gifted us with all the creative link-ups we need to weave our creative and financial dreams into our lives and enchant ourselves into following through with all needed tasks to make this a reality. There may also be link ups with a million distractions available and we must take our kali sword and attention and focus with these tasks, with our time. Today is a MOON VOID day, however magic is afoot again. That cosmos, won’t let up with its magical spells for our benefit as its creation. Wow are we loved!

MOON in Libra TRINE JUPITER in Gemini, right from the morning is a is a charged communication and magician’s buzz. Time and energy moves fast today as this FULL MOON OPPOSES MERCURY and heads into the VOID, pre-dawn.

VENUS TRINE PLUTO at 8:43 am, pdt, offers us creative and financial grace. MOON is VOID, so we may not see this manifest contractually, and in form, quite yet, as ECLIPSE WINDOWS are tricky anyway–so best to receive the grace, the hints and cue’s the possible futures ahead, and the dead pasts we leave behind, and keep walking in this grace, without needing to make anything contractual or solid quite yet. Better to wait until after this month and a half of eclipses. Yes month and a half. Sometimes if things “happen,” on their own, Eclipse fields can bring great success that replaces and old life with a new life, however these things are usually motivated by spirit and not pushed from an egoic level. Any push from the ego, is likely to end up in disappointment in the eclipse field. We need to surf our passions and creative dreams like a horse’s friend, and be patient for right timing.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE in the afternoon, is a friendship with water. We can feel the sustenance and support of the flow in our lives, of fresh glasses of spring-water, and of clean showers that cleanse our aura and body, so we feel shiny and new.

May we bathe in the waters of the cosmos and earth, may we receive the waters of our soul and of our thirst in the third dimension, simultaneously. May we not sacrifice either matter for spirit, or spirit for matter, rather master them both in harmony and creative alignment!


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