April 25, 2013 – Deeply Beautiful FULL MOON purge and re-alignment of your power! (ECLIPSE)

As we rise into this day, MOON has entered Scorpio from the VOID of yesterday, grounding us into the deep water part of ourselves that is experiencing the ECLIPSE FLUSH today. We can flush out the old, with new vibes today!

VENUS SEXTILE CHIRON round sunrise, at 5:41 pm, pdt, is another creative gift. This power FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Scorpio, today, seems to be surrounded by extra creative and financial magic and universal love. What do we most love, most desire, most dream to have fulfilled?  Don’t let it out of your attention today, if you can help it! What would you like to experience, in love and in your expression before you die?

MOON OPPPOSITE MARS at 9:52 am, pdt is a kiss from Eclipse to man. Our inner man is being challenged to rise to some eclipse-full occasion.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 11:31 am, pdt is a communion between the angels of death and the angels of incoming life. What kind of flow of energy to we wish to participate with?  What kind of vehicle are we?  What is our fuel?

FULL MOON is exact at 12:57 pm, pdt. Notice where things are “eclipsed,” and what we need to let go of as we cross the eclipse point. What are we releasing?  What are we inviting?  THis is a power point of transition and change, from cosmos to us and visa-versa!

The ECLIPSE time is 1:08 pm, visible over Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia–those places will experience the effects of this eclipse’s path–the most. Meanwhile the humans who have planets in fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio (the sign of the eclipse) or Taurus, will be most affected by the change in the ethers.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN at 5:17 pm has some focus and commitment energy to it, however the ECLIPSED MOON is a tricky energy of purification and extremes, so this is a good time to examine what we are committed to!?  We can especially look within and examine potential places where we have been “committed” to an idea or belief that is not serving where we ultimately wish to go in this life. Its time to shed and re-commit to something deeper, higher, wider and more authentic to who we are becoming.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO this evening at 10:27 pm, is another transformative kiss from PLUTO to the ECLIPSED MOON. This is a reminder that the scorpio archetype is activated in us all. We are all navigating our deepest emotional waters, our deepest desire to focus, and produce creativity, children, and/or money. We can root deeply today, feeling our newly sprouting roots further and further into their dark nourishing soil. The universe is asking us to dig deeply, to stretch into our roots, so it can flood them with liquid sunlight and dark rich manifestation material.

May we never forget we are children of a cosmos that loves us unconditionally and that this love begins, at its most elemental level, with sunlight (fire), soul-level-nourishment and life (water), breath, thought, and mind (air) and a ground to stand on and feet to walk it (earth). We are gifted with powers beyond our wildest dreams as a spirit/ego/self . . . . we have bodies!!!! How have we been limiting our full incarnation into our bodies and creative gifts?  What do we need to let go of in order to flower into our universal destiny?  What are our wildest deepest dreams?  What do we need to let go of?  May we let go with grace and love of the journey. May our self love, nurture us into wisdom, release and flooding ourselves with the energies gifted to us by life.


April 24, 2013 – FULL MOON creative link-ups in the VOID

This day, the day before the FULL MOON ECLIPSE, has gifted us with all the creative link-ups we need to weave our creative and financial dreams into our lives and enchant ourselves into following through with all needed tasks to make this a reality. There may also be link ups with a million distractions available and we must take our kali sword and attention and focus with these tasks, with our time. Today is a MOON VOID day, however magic is afoot again. That cosmos, won’t let up with its magical spells for our benefit as its creation. Wow are we loved!

MOON in Libra TRINE JUPITER in Gemini, right from the morning is a is a charged communication and magician’s buzz. Time and energy moves fast today as this FULL MOON OPPOSES MERCURY and heads into the VOID, pre-dawn.

VENUS TRINE PLUTO at 8:43 am, pdt, offers us creative and financial grace. MOON is VOID, so we may not see this manifest contractually, and in form, quite yet, as ECLIPSE WINDOWS are tricky anyway–so best to receive the grace, the hints and cue’s the possible futures ahead, and the dead pasts we leave behind, and keep walking in this grace, without needing to make anything contractual or solid quite yet. Better to wait until after this month and a half of eclipses. Yes month and a half. Sometimes if things “happen,” on their own, Eclipse fields can bring great success that replaces and old life with a new life, however these things are usually motivated by spirit and not pushed from an egoic level. Any push from the ego, is likely to end up in disappointment in the eclipse field. We need to surf our passions and creative dreams like a horse’s friend, and be patient for right timing.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE in the afternoon, is a friendship with water. We can feel the sustenance and support of the flow in our lives, of fresh glasses of spring-water, and of clean showers that cleanse our aura and body, so we feel shiny and new.

May we bathe in the waters of the cosmos and earth, may we receive the waters of our soul and of our thirst in the third dimension, simultaneously. May we not sacrifice either matter for spirit, or spirit for matter, rather master them both in harmony and creative alignment!