April 23, 2013 – Elixir of Change-Flight

MOON entered Libra at 12:24 am, pdt last night, grounding from a long VOID period that lasted all day yesterday! The MOON is almost full, bringing us into the transformational URANUS SQUARE PLUTO cauldron of change that is our four year revolution from 2011-2015. This cauldron of change will cook us into a different species. We will be changed by the end of this four year human-soup-cooking expedition. We will be cooked by our economy’s death and rebirth, our social system death and rebirth and a total revolution in how we see ourselves in the context of everyone else. All of this is up for change and re-negotiation over the next few years!

Today, this change and renegotiation peaks in the evening, as the almost-full MOON, OPPOSES URANUS at 5:37 pm, pdt, then SQUARES PLUTO at 8:23 pm, pdt.

MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER at 8:25 pm, pdt offers expanded communications in the midst of deep soul-diving emotional journey’s, or delving questions about money, or sex, or our deepest power to transform ourselves like lead into gold.

May we feel deeply and speak lightly, surfing our emotions with the curiosity of a bird, who dives down into the ocean to catch fish, then flies high into the sky, touching divinity with its ocean catches.