April 22, 2013 – New Artforms from the Void

MOON is still VOID from yesterday’s MOON SQUARE JUPITER, late at night. MOON in Virgo doesn’t always feel so complimentary on people and life, however it is deeply concerned about balancing and healing those who need it. Sometimes in order to heal, we have to look at things that we don’t like to see, and then at some point, we also need to look to the sun and “miracle consciousness,” for our next small miracle needed. Its good to see the down side and then go up–with others and with ourselves. Everyone needs a miracle. And we need each other to make miracles true for each other. We can open this possibility up to and with each other each day, especially when we are in the VOID all day!  VOID MOON days are always a little “out of the ordinary,” and Eclipse Periods are even more extra-ordinary with their power to change everything in a moment.

VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN in the middle of the night last night, in the VOID, is the force of birthing new art forms, from the VOID. SATURN is our ally when it comes to building new forms, especially when it comes to “making it real.” VENUS is the art we all channel when we are connected to our he”art.” If we’re not feeling connected to our own unique art and heart, this is a time to build some new patterns, practices and forms that support our divine creative expression in the world.  If we’re feeling connected to our artful purpose in life, this is a day for traction in the dream world–if not in the physical world due to this slippery VOID, it is definately a time for a vision-board, a letter of intent to the Universe, or a committment to oneself, in our heart and art.

May our heart lead us to our deepest art, and may we create a new form for ourselves that we surf with our artful heart.