April 21, 2013 – Allies of all kinds

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE pre-dawn is a big watery aspect that may fill us with fluidity in areas where we are called to be linear and detailed. The Virgo MOON asks for every word to be in order and NEPTUNE doesn’t understand this order, but simply flows. We rise in a dance of fluidity and order.

MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO, also pre-dawn is a focus on killing off our ideas that don’t empower happy relationships. If our “truth,” is too confrontive to have peace with others, then we may want to try another way of communicating. On the other hand, if we are not communicating our truth to others, we may feel overly self-oppressed today. The key is to break free of inhibitions in ways that are filled with grace.

MOON TRINE VENUS at 8:42 am, pdt,  is a feminine gift for each other.  We have the elements of Earth and Water at our fingertips today for the creation of beauty.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN in Virgo to Scorpio offers deep supportive forces for our financial progress. We can lay the groundwork with this.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 11:02 pm, pdt is an expansion of our home within. Its time to invite allies into our inner secret places. We can invite angels into our garden, faeries into our food cabinets, and elementals into our creative process. This expansion of beingness gifts us with humor and magic if we stretch past our limited views.

May we stretch past limitations of belief that might keep us from magic, opening doors of perception, inviting more allies to be within our field.