April 20, 2013 – Magic Door into Magical Earth

This morning we rise with the planetary energies having opened a magic door to another way of seeing, believing and manifesting our thoughts. MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS (middle of the night last night) opened this invisible door. This door is opened by electricity that comes from divine mind. Some say that when we change our mind we change our world. Today is one of those days. If we change our mind, set a clear intention, get “real” with our soul, we can open a door that invites us into a secret passageway made by one new thought at a time.  MOON is in the VOID between Leo and VIrgo, until later this evening, so we have an open space filled with extra-ordinary energy.

MARS enters Taurus today just pre-dawn, from its fiery home-sign of Aries.  All of the fire power and igniting new energy that was stirred while MARS was in Aries, can ground now into strategic and artful actions.

MOON enters Virgo at 6:08 pm, pdt TRINING the new grounding MARS at 6:58 pm, pdt. After a floaty magic-doorway-day, we can ground into good clear traction this evening. Whatever we cannot accomplish or finish during the day–we can gain more grounded successes in the evening. Meanwhile, our mind is available to the world of magic this day.

SUN TRINE MOON at 8:22 pm, pdt offers a masculine and feminine harmonious partnership in money-making earth signs. We can nourish, plan, and build our dreams in this earthly energy–one word and thought at a time.

May we see the light of our own awakening consciousness, grounding into the earth as we dream, love and dance with new life.