April 18, 2013 – Action Tension Morning into Creative Grace Evening

This morning we rise with a lot of tension to act, work and change what needs changing. MOON SQUARES SUN, for the FIRST QUARTER SQUARE point in the lunar creation cycle. We now shift to the light side of the cycle and we are much closer to the FULL MOON ECLIPSE now!  This ECLIPSE will kill off whatever we don’t need. Its a good time to let go and allow the death energy of Kali to be our friend. It is also a good idea to be operating from our core, because the energy can be volatile and can bring up others’ shadow side and volatility. This volatility is like a volcano of purification, ready to clear the way for awesome creative force that needs a clean slate.

SUN and MARS are together for this first quarter square, fueling us with fire-power.

MOON goes into the VOID from the pre-dawn morning, floating between Cancer and Leo.

We’re emerging from Mother Water, into Child-like Fire. There will be a SQUARE to move through this evening.   At 5:16 pm, pdt we’ll face the tension of a shifting creativity within. We may feel the pressure to create whatever we came here to create. If we are not feeling supported in this creative endeavor that is ours, this is a good time to find better support.

VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE this evening offers grace from the divine. We may not feel supported by humans or our matrixed busy world, for our creativity, however today, the Divine supports us in our creativity.

MOON TRINE MERCURY brings this divine grace into communications. Late night letter-writing tonight may be fruitful.

May we harness the power of creative fire. May we receive grace amidst tension and change.

April 17, 2013 – Super Igniting Independence

SUN CONJUNCT MARS in Aries is the only aspect today! This is a “fire-it-up” aspect. We are able to purify ourselves of any codependent or over-victim-consciousness. Here, as our planet of independence and action conjuncts the fiery radiant SOLAR POWER–the SUN, we are gifted with FIRE. This fire can burn away the old or jump start our new rocketship.

May we use this fire wisely, tempering our frustration with others, into actions that propel us into what we know inside we need to do for ourselves and our world.