April 15, 2013 – Busy Cosmic Monday Morning

This is a busy morning in the cosmic sky. First, it is the first day of VENUS in Taurus. VENUS has been in fiery fiesty Aries, and has just moved to Taurus. Here she will ground all of her new seeds, the ones she has been carrying in her pocket for a long time, waiting for this earthy moment to plant them.

Masculine and Feminine are happily dancing in the sky as SUN SEXTILES MOON at 11:36 am, offering an opportunity for mutual reception between two different types of beings.

MOON SEXTILES MARS early in the afternoon at 12:41 pm–last aspect with the MOON in Gemini this time around. As the last aspect in a sign occurs, MOON is sent into a slippery VOID for the rest of the day, between Gemini and Cancer.

MOON enters Cancer at 7:49 pm offering solace for each of us in the womb of our mother-within. We can always allow ourselves to be mothered by our mother-within, who may manifest as a best-friend of any sex.

We ground the VOID back into reality as MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 10:05 pm, pdt. This is a harmonizing aspect, amidst an radical cleanse eclipse window, building toward its ultimate shift point, at the FULL MOON ECLIPSE, coming on April 25th. Intuition will sharpen as we need it, and its good to pay extra close attention to the subtle feelings that arise within–during an eclipse cycle.  “Follow your nose,” as they say in the animal kingdom, and the “nose” is a multi-dimensional nose, sniffing into the invisible world.

The later the evening becomes, the less effective talking may be, and the more effective other expressions like touch, music and dance. Middle of the night features a MOON SQUARE MERCURY, we are growing in our communication, in a square–our work is in our dreams tonight in the crossing between days.

May our invisible noses take us to temples of love, rejuvenation and soulful art.


April 14, 2013 – Magic Wand Ally

This day is steeped in magic. The invisible radiant kind that seeps inside very deep, then explodes out into tiny psychic particles in and out in all directions. Some catch wind, connect to the particles of others that have exploded out of them, and they begin to mate, to love each other, weaving and creating a new interconnected web of life that is birthing something new . . . . it is so new that it is still in the womb, percolating, and even those birthing it, can only guess at what it will actually become when it fruits in the summer sun.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 2:07 am, pdt, pre-dawn, sets the day into alternative time before the sun rises. We are touched by URANIAN magic! As the personal emotional day-to-day-feeling-MOON makes a kiss aspect with a wild invisible shockingly miracle-consciousness-friend. This friend, today, is our ally–like a best friend in the invisible world that will carry our invisible deepest heart’s longings into the sun and back for us.

Along the way to the sun, this messenger may burn up all of our inaccurate perceptions, with a shocking light that is both beautiful and new, unusual and fun. URANUS has the ability to “rock our world!”

MOON in Gemini CONJUNCTS JUPITER at 11:57 am, pdt. This sets our day on inner fire. JUPITER’s fire is different than the bright day-light public fire of the SUN! JUPITER asks us to go deeper with our perceptions of light, into the realm of the dark, things we cannot see, but can feel. These invisible radiant energies, like unconditional love, wisdom, and soul-filled eye contact, offer us a wing of inner light to fly upon.

Even though we are in a pre-EClIPSE-window, and DEATH and KALI walk nearby, we can feel our wings today, flying above all the graveyards, high within wisdom, peace and collaborative spirit.

May our coffers be filled with light and our coffins be opened with loving presence, released from their morbid graveyard ideas, replaced with the shocking possibility of miracle-consciousness.