April 13, 2013 – Lightness of Being Meets Shadow Material

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY from the end of Taurus, to the end of Pisces, at 5:30 am, pdt, before going into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini.  MERCURy is almost finished with its full Piscean journey, complete with a 3 week MERCURY RETROGRADE cycle inside. We are now fully through that retrograde with wind and unwind time. Today we may look back on the last month or two and see a change in our consciousness.

MOON enters Gemini at 7:13 am, pdt. This airy MOON elicits a light heart, smiling eyes and brotherly sisterly thoughts about each other.

This lightness of being arises after a day of shadows and deep shifting yesterday as PLUTO STATIONED RETROGRADE in Capricorn, TRINE the MOON, and our personal world, calling us, evoking us and inwardly shouting at us to change, change change. Backward, we weave now with our power, unweaving, unwinding, re-evaluating and seeing through our power struggles, calling ourselves into balance from our deepest shadow selves.

MOON in Gemini SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces is a mutable corner to cross. We may feel tired, confused, or have a big ocean to swim across. Nomatter what the inconvenience or exhaustion level–we can call in our miracle consciousness and overcome any obstacle with the power of death and rebirth at our finger and toe-tips now.

MERCURY moves from ocean to new birth and fire at 7:37 pm and our mind may gain a “second wind,” from its Piscean state of overwhelm, sleepiness,  and creative rivers so fluid we can hardly put them in form. Our thoughts and beliefs were in flux in watery Pisces, and now in Aries, a childlike wonder at the new is emerging into our consciousness, if we allow it. We are the divine child of spring. We can be a seed, with a concentrated will, to open toward the sunlight and warmth we feel, guiding us to the mystery of the unfolding flower.

We each have a responsibility to flower, may this flowering be filled with our heart’s warmth and the glow of our awakening consciousness.

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