April 12, 2013 – PLUTO RETROGRADE Phoenix Preparing for Ascension

PLUTO is stationary RETROGRADE today at 12:34 pm, pdt. We are in another revolutionary change period. PLUTO will be RETROGRADE until September 20th, 2013. SATURN and PLUTO are in a mutual reception dance, where each one is now RETROGRADE in the other’s zodiacal sign. SATURN is RETROGRADE in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) and PLUTO is now RETROGRADE in Capricorn, SATURN’s zodiacal sign!  This is a deep water, earth alchemy. For 2.5 months, these two planets will co-retrograde in mutual reception. This is a time of economic and spiritual reform. Our work, our schools, our spiritual institutions and our law-making body’s are up for death and rebirth, refinement and re-evaluaation. Truths must come out. It is time for deep cleansing of mind, body and soul, and a time of THE TOWER, when our perceptual structure and belief systems can be shattered intentionally to make way for a new lens.

There may be a crisis of faith from within that calls us into radical change and social reformation.

SATURN INCONJUNCT URANUS at 8:29 pm offers an awkward breakthrough and clearing moment. We are clearing the way for the new things that wish to come in. We are resetting and reforming the way we run our lives. the reset phase is awkward and uncomfortable for most people!

May the phoenix be with you!

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