April 10, 2013 – Happy Aries NEW MOON of Spring!

NEW MOON in Aries is at 2:35 am, pdt. This NEW MOON is the beginning of a deeply revolutionary and change-filled cycle. This creation cycle, beginning today, peaks with a FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Scorpio. The Old Power is being eclipsed, meanwhile new powers are emerging.  The FULL MOON ECLIPSE at the peak of this cycle is on April 25, 2013.  The most unstable part of the eclipse field, where change is coming, begins ten days before it on April 15th. On a deeper layer, we are already in the eclipse field of this eclipse and it began over a month ago. Now we come to the eye of the needle of the deep change we are already in this year.

The freshly NEW MOON CONJUNCTS MARS at 6:02 am, pdt (pacific daylight time), giving us a wild fiery start to our day, as we take off in the NEW MOON energy from dawn!  Our masculine inside is inspired and moving today, on behalf of the whole creation cycle ahead.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 9:25 am, pdt offers us a kiss from the Divine Feminine, just when it is time for a NEW BIRTH. This could be the birth of a new revolution.

REVOLUTION is coming. PLUTO is going RETROGRADE in two days, so we are already feeling it slow down, to go backward for its summer retrograde season. Its time to return to what we know deeply in our hearts.

May the birthing new revolution be a silent, inspiring and revelatory revolution!



April 9, 2013 – Inner Pre-Birth Chamber

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS pre-dawn enters us into a birth chamber that is filled with mystery, womanhood, manhood, and the two combined, and their offspring. This can be between us, amidst a community or within us.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 9:29 am gives us a final death or rebirth, or early peek into our upcoming new BIRTH.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 12:50  in the afternoon is a home-base expansion into joy! The energy is heading toward spring, and even in this dark moon, the Aries energy bubbles up with fiery inspiration and joy.

NEW MOON is coming, at 2:35 am, pdt. Prepare for NEW LIFE, NEW BIRTH in fiery Aries coming!

May we prepare the soil for new seeds that will rise like jack’s beanstalk, toward the heavens. This is FERTILE ENERGY! May we plant our deepest love.