April 6, 2013 – Sacred Union

MOON enters Pisces at 6:00 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Like it or not, HERE COMES MORE WATER! By the afternoon, there is so much WATER, or emotion, or inspired channelled art or writing, that we are flooded with our personal and/or collective FEELINGS!

Feelings are the force that underlies our draw to be together with each other, and our draw to connect as friends, lovers, or business mates. Whatever the connection we have together, we are usually together because our combined feelings are bigger and more powerful than the way we may feel alone. We like to be with others who open up resonance within us that ushers us to grow like sunlight. Without sunlight, flowers wouldn’t reach toward opening. We need passionate others who we can love and be loved with, so we feel the sunlight calling us to OPEN and become the beauties that we are still becoming, more fully. The love we can share with each other, has the power to heal, and create anything we can imagine for ourselves and our world.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 1:48 pm, speaks to us of the sacred union between body and spirit, between human and divinity. This is the first and most important union is the one that happens within, between our human and inner-god-self.

VENUS CONJUNCT MARS at 9:58 pm, pdt is a time for masculine and feminine to come together as forces of nature. When these to forces of nature, meet each other in a sacred union of love, they are unstoppable!  Anything is possible with the combined forces of God and Human–vertically and Masculine and Feminine–horizontally. This cross of creation is available today to whomever wishes to step into its power.  And it is channeled through us all day long, as vessels of this energy.

May we honor the power of this loving union within and without!


April 5, 2013 – Community Kiss

This day is guided by SUN in harmony with the MOON at dawn. Meanwhile Community MOON in Aquarius kisses VENUS and MARS. The MOON is in love with both men and women today.

MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 9am and MARS at 10:21 am, then goes into the VOID for the rest of the day, MOON is waning now, upcoming are the last four days of the creation cycle–the darkets quietest most inward days of our journey each lunar month.

Tomorrow night, MARS and VENUS CONJUNCT, and there is a sacred union of masculine and feminine. This union is a time to hold sacred for the alchemy of coming together. With something so delicate and beautiful, we don’t want to be lazy with our “separation consciousness,” where we have masks on for protection and we “keep to ourselves,” we need to open the doors and allow each other in more deeply to take advantage of the fullness of being human and alive at this time. We have changed era’s!! There IS A NEW ENERGY!! However we are all still wearing the masks and edifices of the old world. We can take all of these off now and allow our authentic, vulnerable, tender-hearted humanity to come out and share our gifts, generosity, love, abundance, trust, and co-creation with each other.

May we enjoy the peace and harmony between sexes and amidst our community today, as we allow the dark moon to take us down into our deepest inner spaces.