April 4, 2013 – Power to the Soul of Humanity

Is there anyone who doubts that we are all in a giant transition?  It is clear to most of us that change is afoot, and it is not “a prophecy about the future,” anymore, but in our laps. We are changing, and changing fast! Today, MOON enters Aquarius, pre-dawn, inviting us more deeply through the rabbit-hole of Aquarius. In this field of experts, weirdo’s and cosmic jokers, we encounter the collective human soul.

PLUTO SEXTILES CHIRON at 5:53 am, pdt, touching dawn with profound soulfulness. CHIRON is a window to the deepest places we can feel and PLUTO offers life, death, and spiritual and sexual fulfillment if we focus and hold our intention. We’ll be destroyed by our own shadow if we do not find authentic ways of hooking our soul-light with our expression in this world. Each of us has a special light, wisdom, or magic potion, for our sisters and brothers, in our “tribe,” we can dig inside and find these magic potions today.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS in the evening at 5:02 pm is a good mood, even in a waning moon. Not only have we entered the age of Aquarius, but we also have a new surf-board, or two, especially if we are looking and imagining in our inner invisible world of vision and creativity!

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 6:48 pm, pdt, reminds us that even the new era comes with responsabilities and beaucracy, however there is a pathway of grace, where even the details happen through us in grace. From Aquarius to Scorpio, our light hearted laughter touches our deep feeling questions with some transcendental worry-free humor.

MOON TRINE JUPITER late at 11:26 pm, pdt, offers even more expansion, galactic infusion of love, light infiltrating every bit of shadow and releasing pain, suffering and blocks that inhibit us from full soul expression–can be released now and in the next month.

ECLIPSES ARE COMING!  April is an eclipse month–so we’ve already entered the wider field of the eclipses . .. we’re heading in toward these transfo-points. APRIL 25 at 1:08 pm, pdt is a FULL MOON and partial LUNAR ECLIPSE. As the ancients said, 10 days before and 3 days after eclipses are extremely unstable times. The “unstable window” is between April 16-28.  This window is a time in which time may feel unstable, and it is best to be vigilant and handle life with a lot of care and corefulness.  Meanwhile, its KALI TIME! Its time to cleanse, shed, speak truth with clarity, and use our sword of truth in every way it is called for. This FULL MOON eclipse coming is in Scorpio, deep water. Scorpio is a deeply sexual and super focused sign of healing, transforming and intimacy.

May all sexual, and deep contact lead to deep healing. May we find our heart and soul and light the fire of our steam ship of love, opening our heart more and more each day!


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