March 30, 2013 – Laying Deep Inner Relation-Foundation

MOON is in the VOID again this morning, after being in the VOID, the latter half of yesterday. We may feel a little floaty, between worlds again this morning. Meanwhile the MOON may have us feeling interestingly “in-between,” SUN and VENUS are each having an awkward yet important conversation with Old Man Saturn. What kind of New Structure will contain the New Sacred Feminine and the New Sacred Masculine?

Scorpio and Aries, Sagittarius and the New Era, invite us, and ask us, what do we require as a support system as we speed toward our core, toward healing and wholeness, and toward a union with our Divinity, and another, in their divinity. What do we need to cultivate this kind of miracle?  What do we need for our art, our sacred sensitive lover? Our one who gives and receives affection, what does she, he need next?

Today is a day to allow the VOID to invite us into meditation, and sinking into our secret unspoken yearnings that take a bit of meditation to reach . . . . lets find our secret inner longings and honor them with a lit candle and a moving pen across paper with love, listening to ourselves.


March 29, 2013 – Building Long Term Bridges

MOON is in Power and Focus Scorpio today, having TRINED NEPTUNE in middle of night, providing harmony and grace from the spirit worlds, if we can receive it. MERCURY CONJUNCT CHIRON, pre-dawn at 2:52 am, pdt (pacific daylight time) is our communications bridge-building aspect. The bridges we build are not just with people, but also with spiritual forces. This can involve a meditation practice, a writing practice, like Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, or any other tool that builds a bridge of communication and/or communion. MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER at 9:56 am, pdt is a tension request to give our attention outward, and inward, in a rythm. How do we balance the need to travel and stay at home?  Communications bridges!!

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN at 11:13 am, pdt may ground us doing work that is close to home. If we are not working at home, we may be working on our core–our home inside our body. Our bones, teeth, muscles and digestive system are all our “home,” inside our body on earth! Today is a good day to survey all of those landscapes and prepare for a cleanse, an exersize routine revision, or any other health-structure-building meditations.

MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO at 11:34 am, pdt is a link between MERCURY, still unwinding the first mystical cycle of the year, and PLUTO the ruler of the last mystical mercury retrograde installment in November coming. It is time to build bridges to November and to our own Power. Its time to communicate with the shadows enough to transform them, and focus on money enough to shift our economic motor to something more earth-aligned, as the Mountain Goat climbs up toward the top, using his feeling fish tail as a rudder of direction.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO  at 1:18 pm, is a kiss of death and rebirth to our homebase. This home-base, especially the one inside is going deeper than it has been before. Who we thought we are is much deeper than we thought. We have a very deeply interconnected SOUL, and we’re called to know it better.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 1:25 pm, pdt is another grace infusion related to our communications. We can offer our authenticity, truth and heart to others and we may find it received. What a blessing.  At this aspect, MOON enters the VOID between Scorpio and Sagittarius, for the rest of the day!

URANUS comes closest to SUN, called apogee, at 1:37, just after MOON goes VOID. The triple conjunction of URANUS, SUN and VENUS is still strong. With URANUS receiving FIRE POWER from the SUN, there may be so much fire that it could send electronic instruments off the hook!  Its an exciting time to open new avenues of telepathic communication, and/or create inventions that will bridge the discrepancies and predictions of the new era’s needs.

JUPITER INCONJUNCT PLUTO creates an unseen stroke of good luck behind our curtains. Since we can’t see it, we may feel a bit irritated like there is a stone under the mattress, all the way down and we want to know what color it is?  Why? Because it could be the stone on the gold ring we lost. As we discovered in Lord of the Rings, beware the ring of power and our seeking it. Stay with the purity of stones that ground us to soulful things. And on a day like today, remember Icarus, and never never fly too close to the sun on a waning moon.

May our wax wings melt while we are standing on the ground, patiently feeling invisible invincible wings being formed under our soul-walking-feet.


March 28, 2013 – TRIPLE CONJUNCTION : Ascension ~ Love Revolution ~ Creativity Igniting

MERCURY TRINE SATURN in the middle of the night at 2:48 am, pdt, could have us up in the middle of the night, strategizing our next business communications move, preparing for today’s full power blast of focused fire energy!  Although the energy is a powerful fire energy, the MOON is VOID between Libra and Scorpio. She is taking her time, between the partnership place, that is transforming before our eyes, and the abyss of Scorpio, so deep we can’t see the bottom of its reach.

SUN CONJUNCT VENUS this morning at 10:05 am, pdt is another power point, following last year’s SUN/VENUS CONJUNCTION. This is an archetypal upgrade in the realm of feminine creativity, for each of us, in a unique way!

VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS in the afternoon at 4:01 pm, pdt is a kind of love revolution. Only we know what this means, for each of us it is our internal bubbling secret.

SUN CONJUNCT URANUS at 5:38 pm, pdt offers even more magic to the earlier conjunctions! Usually, if we fly too close to the sun, our wings will melt, however today, we have wings of steel, which will never melt in the sun’s light. These wings can go anywhere . . . . and when we get tired of metal, after shielding ourselves from the fiery cauldron of cooking potential of the SUN, we can jump on the back of a flying unicorn, who can then fly us to any fantastic place we’d like to visit. No place is to remote for the unicorn.

May we understand that TRIPLE CONJUNCTIONS like this rarely happen in our lives, and this is a super special time of cathartic change and radical pheonix like transformation. We can be reborn anew. And today is a womb of potential for turning each of us from tired worn creatures, to genius inspired creators. May we remember the magic today, in honor of these revolutionary forces we ride!


March 26, 2013 – One, Two, Work Shift

MOON is still in the VOID after a friendly kiss with PLUTO yesterday. MARS SEXTILES JUPITER, pre-dawn, giving wings to our risk-filled, potential-filled steps.  There is an energy, today driving us forward with our actions, as we take steps like Indiana Jones journeying on a thread of intuition, while actions speak through us.

MOON grounds in dual-winged Libra vehicle at 2:31 pm. A new flying machine, a new job, or a new relationship may offer a corner of transition, choice or committment.  MARS in fire power Aries wants freedom, and wants to have streamlined actions that are “on purpose,” and in alignment with the work of the new era. PLUTO in Capricorn is a clean demolition of the past, with a new download for the future.

MARS SQUARE PLUTO this evening at 8:47 pm, pdt, (pacific daylight time) is a shift point of grand proportions. Our basic core energy is asked to change focus, receive new work, new home and/or a new alignment. This change may be 90 degrees in a different direction than our past was taking us. Its ok to shift focus from the old actions and patterns of our past, to root into our new grace-induced movements that seem to be guided by a wise internal energy.

JUPITER SQUARE CHIRON  expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction . . . the universe expands and contracts in cycles. Healing journey’s have mountains and valleys, peaks and dark nights. We too, on all levels, expand, and contract, expand and contract. We feel inspired with new ideas as we share, than we contract when the ideas need work to come into a form. We expand in new love and then contract when the honeymoon turns to the need for clear communication to go on.  We have work in front of us, and there will be contractions and expansions, gifts and challenges, critics and praisers, and it all feeds a journey toward healing the tears in the fabric of our soul.

Good, Bad, Good, Bad, the best time i’ve ever had. Tick TOck, Tick, Tock, steamy dream, ticking clock. May we accept the rises and falls, the goods and the bads, knowing the ups and downs take us further down a path of a syncronistically inter-mingled soul-healing.

March 25, 2013 – Imagining Solid Ground

MOON in Virgo has passed its opposition to NEPTUNE yesterday, and seems a little more able to ground a few details and take next steps, especially in the pre-dawn hours. MOON SEXTILE SATURN, just pre-dawn, at 4:01 am, pdt (pacific daylight time), offers grounding after the changing fluidity of MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE. We can ground into the earth, even though it is also changing fast, we can enjoy the stability of SATURN today.  This enjoyment of SATURN’s STABILITY within us, however is being built under a MOON VOID, for most of the day, so the steps we take may be steps that either we’ve taken before, and are taking again, in this funny MOON VOID kind of a way, or we are working energetically–by doing something we will repeat again soon, or we are going into meditation, in the rich purposeful imagining in the VOID, to “see ourselves in the grounding we imagine,” as a means to that grounding and new form-making in the world!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER also pre-dawn, at 4:31 am, pdt, stretches us emotionally into feeling many things at once, or going deeper, or higher, or more truthful than ever before. How have we limited or lied to ourselves, in a way that we can melt that filter?

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 5:45 am, pdt is in the window of dawn and early morning. This aspect, in earth signs, sends the MOON into the VOID between Virgo and Libra.  This in-between period is a magic visioning portal for manifestation, into the earth-plane.

MARS INCONJUNCT SATURN at 1:32 pm,is an uncomfortable aspect between our movement and our structure. We are changing inside and outside, so fast, and it is highly uncomfortable to what we know from the past. We have inner work to do and outer work.  The MOON is VOID today in earth and we can vision our grounding. We can create in our imaginal world, that which we will inhabit in form today. Meanwhile even if we have to repeat a task we do today–we’ll make progress in the energy world in one way or another.

May we allow the mistakes we make with our will and actions, lead us to a shift in our will, to Divine Will.