March 30, 2013 – Laying Deep Inner Relation-Foundation

MOON is in the VOID again this morning, after being in the VOID, the latter half of yesterday. We may feel a little floaty, between worlds again this morning. Meanwhile the MOON may have us feeling interestingly “in-between,” SUN and VENUS are each having an awkward yet important conversation with Old Man Saturn. What kind of New Structure will contain the New Sacred Feminine and the New Sacred Masculine?

Scorpio and Aries, Sagittarius and the New Era, invite us, and ask us, what do we require as a support system as we speed toward our core, toward healing and wholeness, and toward a union with our Divinity, and another, in their divinity. What do we need to cultivate this kind of miracle?  What do we need for our art, our sacred sensitive lover? Our one who gives and receives affection, what does she, he need next?

Today is a day to allow the VOID to invite us into meditation, and sinking into our secret unspoken yearnings that take a bit of meditation to reach . . . . lets find our secret inner longings and honor them with a lit candle and a moving pen across paper with love, listening to ourselves.