March 28, 2013 – TRIPLE CONJUNCTION : Ascension ~ Love Revolution ~ Creativity Igniting

MERCURY TRINE SATURN in the middle of the night at 2:48 am, pdt, could have us up in the middle of the night, strategizing our next business communications move, preparing for today’s full power blast of focused fire energy!  Although the energy is a powerful fire energy, the MOON is VOID between Libra and Scorpio. She is taking her time, between the partnership place, that is transforming before our eyes, and the abyss of Scorpio, so deep we can’t see the bottom of its reach.

SUN CONJUNCT VENUS this morning at 10:05 am, pdt is another power point, following last year’s SUN/VENUS CONJUNCTION. This is an archetypal upgrade in the realm of feminine creativity, for each of us, in a unique way!

VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS in the afternoon at 4:01 pm, pdt is a kind of love revolution. Only we know what this means, for each of us it is our internal bubbling secret.

SUN CONJUNCT URANUS at 5:38 pm, pdt offers even more magic to the earlier conjunctions! Usually, if we fly too close to the sun, our wings will melt, however today, we have wings of steel, which will never melt in the sun’s light. These wings can go anywhere . . . . and when we get tired of metal, after shielding ourselves from the fiery cauldron of cooking potential of the SUN, we can jump on the back of a flying unicorn, who can then fly us to any fantastic place we’d like to visit. No place is to remote for the unicorn.

May we understand that TRIPLE CONJUNCTIONS like this rarely happen in our lives, and this is a super special time of cathartic change and radical pheonix like transformation. We can be reborn anew. And today is a womb of potential for turning each of us from tired worn creatures, to genius inspired creators. May we remember the magic today, in honor of these revolutionary forces we ride!


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