March 24, 2013 – Dream Work

MOON enters Virgo this morning at 8:49 pm, grounding us into an earth sign from the day and a half of a fire VOID MOON. We will be tuned into the details of our life today. This year NEPTUNE is moving through Pisces–Virgo’s opposite–who seems to dissolve the boundaries that logistical details seem to inhabit. ¬†Our ability to focus on the details of our life is challenged all year by an internal and external force of water, dissolution, surrender and a spiritual flow of intuitive sense-based, non-linear guidance.

MOON OPPOSES NEPTUNE at 4:08 pm and we can taste the inner conflict or conversation that is dissolving some of our boundaries and definitions. We are learning to soften and surrender in the face of universal pressure to “go with the flow,” of what is unfolding rather than attempting to stick to rules or previous plans.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY late tonight at 11:38 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time) is a good moment to set intentions and ask questions for our dreamtime. Our dream work can be powerful tonight if we engage it with our consciousness. We can overcome limitations and problems with dreamtime magic tonight.

Before sleep tonight, may we listen deeply to what is dissolving and what is being ushered silently in to replace what is dissolving. May we appreciate and assist these changes wholeheartedly.