March 23, 2013 – Creative Void

Today, the MOON is in the VOID all day, in Leo. This Void-of-course MOON is a waxing energy, rising, lifting, expanding, and leading us toward the fulfillment of the intentions and magic we enacted for this particular 28-day cycle of creation, which peaks at the FULL MOON on March 27, 2013.

We are amidst some powerful aspects of change, rejuvenation and rebirth. The day following the FULL MOON, on March 28th is filled with a SUN, VENUS, URANUS TRIPLE CONJUNCTION. This communion of energies has the power to completely revolutionize the way the masculine and feminine participates together on this earth. We are being changed, and this is a good thing! We can no longer relate masculine and feminine, within and without in the ways we did before! We can surrender to what feels much better and allow ourselves to rest in a deep mystical friendship as a guiding light. Where are we going?  What are we doing?  We (our small selves) don’t know, so its best to surrender what we think we know, surrender our judgements and attachments and allow ourselves to approach each other and the world with a fresh breath, a new slate, and a new perceptual structure. This new perception may not download immediately, and for some it is already appearing. We do not need to lead ourselves, or the world, with our mind, anymore. We can let other sources of wisdom that are more body-based–lead.

What feels good?  What makes children laugh?  What makes us laugh?  These are the questions we can ask ourselves when we are looking for our new way. Enjoy the journey!