March 22, 2013 – Small Revolution

There is enough fire power today for a small revolution, or a rocket ship take-off, or a whole new life.

MARS CONJUNCT URANUS at 11:17 am is the Revolution-Maker today. This is a major aspect of explosive freedom-truth-making actions. Before that, early this morning, MOON TRINE VENUS and SUN set up the stage for fun and communion between masculine and feminine and sacred creativity. So the revolution is from within, URANUS and MARS being conjunct in Aries, the sign of the self–we can offer ourselves to the divine cauldron of alchemy (our world)–our life. We can offer ourselves to our life–and to the others with whom we share our life!  What does this mean?  It means we can give even more, dive in even more, trust more, leap more and have more faith–in the goodness of our own heart and its intimate usherings.

MOON TRINE URANUS and TRINE MARS just after 3pm pdt (pacific daylight time) offers more grace and spontaneous impulses toward our life path. Its ok to follow our inner urges toward archetypes. What archetypes are we drawn to embody more of and less of?

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 8:05 pm, pdt offers more expansion, grace and good luck. If there was ever an eve for abundance, its tonight, just before the MOON goes VOID with a SATURN SQUARE MOON at 8:28 pm, pdt. Amidst the freedom-making and abundant energies of tonight, this SATURN MOON SQUARE offers structure-building, home-building and a space in which to take steps that build what we need for our enlightened future.

May we be wise enough to know where to focus our attention. May we allow our hearts to break open in all the best ways. May we allow the feelings of our open hearts to guide our actions.

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