March 21, 2013 – Healing Numbers, Healing Forms

Still in the EQUINOX PORTAL, a portal being about three days, with the exact day in the middle. Equinox was yesterday morning at 4am pdt, and this morning, pre-dawn SATURN TRINES CHIRON, gifting us the potential for harmonious new forms that heal us and the world. The deep healing forms that we are working with are feminine, intuitive and watery forms, with SATURN in Scorpio and CHIRON in Cancer. What we build in the world can heal our connection with each other and the world instead of destroying it.

VENUS goes from sensitive water Pisces to warrior fire Aries tonight at 8:15 pm, pdt. (pacific daylight time).  As VENUS enters Aries, we ride a wave of fiery inspiration, new beginning energy and/or warrioress energy. VENUS will conjunct the SUN and URANUS in Aries next Thursday. We are in a take-off ramp toward freedom, genius, invention and shocking changes.

From watery Mama Cancer, we leap joyfully into inner child fire, as MOON enters Leo from Cancer, late tonight at 11:15 pm, pdt.  If we do not know what the new forms are yet and do not yet see how numbers can heal, then the shift into fire energy this evening, will ignite our inspiration and creativity–so we can create new forms that heal.

May we call forth our unique creative divine intelligence, bringing forth the solutions and wholeness-making recipes that we need.

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